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Myth Tv / Hd/ Network question

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Hello everyone,

I plan on making a dedicated myth tv backend server with my

2.4gtz PIV, 1.5GB ram, and 750MB of (software)raid 5 storage.

I probably use one pcHDTV HD 3000 card and one haupauge 350.

My video card will be a nvidia te 4200.

From what I been reading around, it seem like this setup would support

capturing HD content is that a true statement?

2nd. I want to have this box be the main media hub for my house.

Currently I have 100mb runs to all rooms in my house. I was wondering

if this is enough bandwidth to through 2 movies and or 1 hd 1movie over

wire or if I need gigabit switches?


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I think the max you will see is 10Mbit for a DVD, and 20Mbit for HD transport streams. You shouldn't need gigabit.
Thanks, and do you think this setup could capture HD content?
You can capture OTA HD just fine. QAM might be coming soon.
I think it might be a little less for QAM stuff than OTA. I got 7.2gb for 1.5 hours of QAM hd recording of a 720p channel.
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