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Greetings everyone,

As far as I understand these two technologies, Def Tech's "Spatial Array" and Pioneer's MCACC, they seem to be potentially incompatible on paper.

I wanted to know why experience any of your have pairing the Mythos SSA-50 with a Pioneer receiver. The SSA-50 uses Def Tech's "ear tricking" "psycho-acoustic" Spatial Array technology, based on interaural crosstalk cancellation, produces convincing surround through the delayed arrival of surround, through phase-inversion. But does it fool the Auto MCACC of the receiver which is supposed to locate the location of the speakers down to the neared half inch? Do any of the auto-correction features of the MCACC, such as full band phase control or others, think they need to correct for these tricks of your SSA-50s? Do they cancel each other out or compliment each other nicely? What settings have you found to be the most effective pairing these two?

Thanks for sharing your experiences.
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