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I currently have a Denon 988 receiver, Rotel RB 1080 power amp and B&W CDM9NT. I always don't like the sound, it sounds weak and flat. I finally found out the problem is the Denon, and I would like to add a preamp just for stereo music.

I borrow my friend's Adcom GFP-555, I hook it up, I quite like the sound. It is a big difference compared to Denon, it sounds more forward, louder, more dynamic, more musical, and punchier bass. However, during my research, someone i selling a NAD 1600 locally in excellent condition, and the best thing is I can go test them to make sure it is working properly. But I don't know how it will sound on my system.

Anyone has experience with Adcom or Nad paired with Rotel amp and B&W speaker? I often heard people said Adcom is harsh. I mainly listen to soft music and vocal.

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