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Hello, first post.

I have an NAD 7220PE. I've been running 8 ohm Bostons for some time, 2 in the living room, and two in-wall in the kitchen. Both sets of speakers are rated at 8 ohms. The living room speakers run off of the main speaker outs and the kitchen speakers run off of the "extra speakers" outs. There is a button on the front panel that allows you to turn on and off the "extra speakers." When the extra speakers are on, you power all 4 speakers at once.

There is a switch in the back of the receiver that allows you to switch from 8 ohms to 4 ohms.

My question is this: I purchased some Dynaudio speakers and they are rated at 4 ohms. If I switch the receiver to 4 ohms, but the "extra speakers" are rated at 8 ohms, am I about to blow anything up?

How is the 7220 distributing power? Are the "extra speakers" running in parallel or series?

Thanks for your help,

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