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Hi, time to clear out the bedroom for a new addition. All-in-one home cinema by NAD great reviews: "Although it lacks some of the features and conveniences of more expensive and/or elaborate A/V receivers, the NAD L73 is still a formidable component when used in the context for which it was designed: as a one-box solution for smaller rooms and/or simpler systems. And don't be misled by that 45Wpc power rating—the L73 can rock. Its sound is superlative, and its picture quality is very good. If you desire a simple solution for a simple home theater, I can't think of a better way to spend a thousand bucks" Home-Theater-and-Sound-Reviews

Read the reviews -

In very good condition, save a small indentation on the face plate, full working order no known issues. Used very infrequently over the years. Box, manual, remote. Thanks
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