The NAD Masters M10 is a complete all-in-one 2-channel solution that streams, performs room correction, and powers full-sized speakers easily.

Finally... a 2-channel product that offers some of the basic amenities of a modern AVR in a smaller (albeit pricier) package. It's a premium product that genuinely expands the world of 2-channel sound to embrace Hi-Fi streaming and using a TV as a source thanks to HDMI ARC input, which makes it a bit of a envelope-pusher in this segment. And crucially, it offers Dirac Live, one of the best available solutions for room correction. With a bit of care in setup, the NAD Masters M10 is able to produce great 2-channel sound because it offers the DSP processing that's been taken for granted on the home theater/AV side of things for some time now.

I lived with the Master M10 for a number of months, using it with several different speakers ranging from PSB Alpha T20 towers to Polk's Legend Series L200. I used it with and without a subwoofer, with and without Dirac Live activated, etc.

Now, what I'm not going to do here is get into a long, technical review. The reason is simple... the Masters M10 works properly. That is to say, it delivers clean, transparent, neutral sound at output levels that complement the power handling of many consumer speaker systems. That is to say, it is a good digital integrated amp and getting the most of it is a matter of setup. Instead, I recommend you check out the extensive comments in AVS Forum, where you'll find over 370 comments (so far) including owner's impressions.

OK here are the strong points of the M10:

- HDMI ARC in... so you can use it with a TV. Since you can get apps like Tidal and Spotify on TVs now, this is smart.
- Compact
- Features Dirac Live
- Nice GUI on the front panel
- Runs cool and the amps are good

And here are the caveats:

- Costs more for considerably less functionality than an AVR

OK, that's about it! If the NAD Masters M10 fits your application, there's little else out there like it and it is a slick package and so it comes highly recommended. You should check out the full feature set and make a value judgment from there. Just remember, you can buy a really nice AVR (like the NAD T777 V3 ) for the same money.

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