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Mostly the sound is correct. When the problem happens it turns up the volume itself - the sound is still correct.

S170 is connected to S250 with tara labs air 1.

The sound is fine - both when normal level or loud level.

I can happen after 3 minutes after power on even it had been powered off all day before.

The problem happens on all preset channels - even channels which hasn't an optical cabel connected.

Tried to change batteri in NAD HTRM remote. Tried to take batteries out.

I have no coax cable connected. Only 2 optical for TV and PC.

When "noise" is displayet the "surr mode" = Direct, could change itself to "PL" and back again.

When I see "noise" displayed I shut it off before it makes a loud sound. If it is powered on too long it had one time made some noise in the speakers.

I've tried to upload the newest 3.03 software again.

Do you think it's a little or big problem?

Some other S170 owners must have had the same problem. What was it?
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