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I wanted to get a new DVD player and this one caught my attention.

These are the features i really want/necesary:

DVD/ CD changer

MP3 decoding

Progressive scanning with 3:2 pulldown

Very good cd playback (I would say 60% music/40% movies)

HDCD/24/96 burr bron converters

the NAD t571 has those but lacks these that would be nice

Dvd-a/SACD playback,

upconversion of d/a for audio cds

Now this player uses the Pantera 2 chip which has had ok reviews (no chroma bug but relies on flags for delinterlacing). The nad tech support said it DOES have a buffer for layer change.

I want to know

a) has anybody bought/used this player?

b) what software (dvd wise) is a good test for the 3:2 pulldown,interlace flags or layer changes(tough ones) or anything else.

Iwas looking at the Denon DVN 4800 here in Canada but it is 1800 bucks! I could get the NAD for 800 which is more my price range.

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