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Hi guys,

I like the Nad sound, I currently one of their CD players as well as a C320BEE 2 channels integrated amp. As I'm looking into a HT system, I first looked at what Nad had to offer and I find the prices are quite steep. Their T175 preamp is out of reach for me, so I looked at their receivers. The T755 looks nice.

Reading through the forums I learned about Outlaw and Emotiva. It looks like an Emotiva UMC-1 (not yet available I know) or Outlaw 990 paired to an Emotiva UPA-7 would cost not so much more than a T755.

So my question is, how does the Emotiva and Outlaw stuff sound compares to Nad?

BTW I'm just getting into HT, all this MPCM over HDMI and room correction stuff is kinda complicated.

Thanks a bunch in advance.
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