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Issue, the viewable computer screen is "larger" than my flat panel screen. I think this is called overscan? How do I adjust?

Is this the correct forum for me to post this question?

PC = Brand new Lenovo G500 with 1366x768 resolution (native, this is 16:9) Windows 8

Amp = brand new NAD T758

TV= Panasonic TC P50X1 1366x768 native resolution

All HDMI connections.

In Windows, the resolutions are correct, and windows sees the other screen as an NAD T758 and properly auto selected 1366x768. I have screens duplicated, not extended and both ON.

This should be really simple..... all resolutions are native and the same.

Better description of what I see: The PC screen looks fine and I can see the full task bar on the bottom..... all normal. The PC looks the same regardless of being hooked up to the amp or not. The Panasonic TV shows a limited portion of the Windows desktop with the task bar "below" the viewable screen. It appears the windows desktop is equally larger on all sides and therefore the edges of the desktop are missing and outside of the viewable area of the Panasonic TV.

Any ideas?


Bruce in Philly
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