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Kind of going back and forth on this one...
I've been looking for the most economical, effective and best bang-for-the-buck, along with sound quality and the power to drive my KEF LS50s. I started with the Denon heos amp, which worked fine but just won't drive them, and sounds a little muddy. I tried a base model Yamaha streaming amp, and it kept dropping the Wi-Fi connection and forgetting the SSID.
I tried an Integra DTM-7 and it sounded like a ball of tin foil in a microwave. I tried the SVS sound base, which had a number of issues in design alone....
Long story short, right now I'm looking at the NAD c388 as an all-in-one Remedy or the Cambridge cxn V2 with a separate amp. My goal is strictly streaming services and my music library on my Mac, along with the aforementioned criteria.
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