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Nagging Sub Question....Please help me decide.

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I'm a newbie here, but I have read alot of articles before making my post. Any help is appreciated.!

I have a very modest system at the moment. Sony DE915 Receiver, Sony 42" dlp tv, Sony 5 Disc DvD player, JBL surround system the two small metal grill ones in the rear, the 8" driver w/tweet for the fronts, and a center channel that is (2) 6" drivers w/tweet in the center. Sub at the moment is the Bass 20 from JBL as well, its basically (2) 8's firing down.

Now with the background set, I've been tossed between 2 sub's to add to this system but I can't find any one that has compared the two in question, and was hoping someone here could help me decide. First off, I know all music is personal and very subjective. Might be wondering what I'm looking for, well honestly I'm lacking the "Deep" rumble and my music is VERY lacking on the low end so I'm basically looking for the best bang for the buck.

With that said, I am looking at the Polk PSW505 and the Infinity PS-12. If I had $250 bucks right now, I'd probably look at the SVS PB12NSD, but I can't do that anytime soon(you know, Wifey?!? decides at times the budget) But, I'm able to get the Polk PSW505 for about $350ish + shipping, and Infinity PS-12 for about $265ish + shipping. There is no place near me to listen to both in the same store, so please help.

Thanks in advance.
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I'd wait, save money and get the SVS in the first place. Doing otherwise is only delaying the inevitable upgrade at the cost of whatever you are gonna pay for the Infinity or Polk.
While I haven't heard either of the subs you listed I would get a sub now and start enjoying myself since you said you can't get the other sub anytime soon. Don't wait what 5 ,6 ,7 months? Start enjoying your system now and you can always sell the sub on eBay and get the one you really want when the wife agrees and the funds are more available.
Good Point. Maybe I should wait, but then on the other hand, I really would hate waiting...from what the boss said, 5 to 7 months.

Sigh....Its a tough decision....
I don't find any pro reviews on either sub. The Infinity gets better consumer reviews, but not by much. There are some threads on each one in this forum.

Theyboth have very similar specs with the Infinity rated to 25Hz and the Polk to 28Hz. The Polk looks better, IMO. Other than that, no clear winner.

CC may have them both.

For about $100 more than the Polk you can get the SVS PB10-ISD. There is supposed to be an NSD version out soon. The black is on back order. The short budget increase wait could get you through the BO period and maybe into the NSD version. Everything I have read says this will be much better than either one you are looking at. This one is rated down to 20Hz and many say it goes lower with plenty of force.
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