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I just started having an unusual problem on which I would appreciate feedback and advice.

I recently reacquired a Nakamichi MB-3s I had originally bought years ago but which left my possession. It still sounds great and I am pleased to have it again. Commercial CDs have been playing wonderfully.

Then I took some music on my PC stored as FLAC files, converted them to AIFF and burned them on blank TDK audio CD-Rs (80 min/700 MB) with Toast 10. They also sounded great. Then the very next day I tried to replay these same CDs and I got all kinds of skipping, delayed playing, hissing and distortion. Commercial CDs, however, continue to play fine.

Today I bought one of those CD's that have little brushes to clean the lens on a CD player on the off-chance that somehow the issue was dust related but still no improvement.

Any idea what could be causing this or how to remedy it?

Many thanks.

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