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Hi all,

I have been reading so much in here the last few days I am going to over load. So much info, which is great. Now I think I have narrowed down my HTib choices to:

Yamaha 7.1 Channel 730-Watt Home Theater with iPod® Dock

Model No: YHT791

Onyko 1200-Watt 7.1 Channel Home Theater

Model No: HTS5200

Onyko 1200-Watt 7.1 Channel Home Theater

Model No: HTS6200

I have read nothing but good things about both the Yamaha and the Okyko.

Although the 5200 is a good price I have some concerns. It doesn't up convert and it is a pass-through (which I understand as meaning that it needs both a video source and sound source cable).

The 6200 would be in the house right now if I was sure it up converted like the 6100 does but I don't know for sure that it does. It is a repeater so it does take both sound and picture over the hdmi cable. Which is good for the future tv purchase.

I like the 791 sound a lot but it is a few bucks more and to be honest I am not sure you get as many perks with it as you do the Onkyo.

I have decided that for now I would like to stick with a HTiB package, for four reasons: Cost, where it is going (in the living room for now until I finish the basement), my education level being a noob in this, and if I am wise I can upgrade a well chosen package for the future basement dwelling.

My current set up is a older Dvd/Vhs combo player with a 46" Hatachi 46F510 HD projection tv. So as it stands I could really buy anything and have a better sound set up for my movies.

My plans for the future include a Samsung or Sony Bluray player and a matching Samsung or Sony 46" or bigger LCD tv.

I figure that my next step is the surround sound system. If anyone could give me there opinions as to which system is better and why I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks very much for your time and comments. This is a great site.

Thank you.
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