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Hi all

I run a rural touring film circuit (in the UK) called Flicks in the Sticks, We currently use 2 projectors, a Sony VPL900 and a 3M 8750. The latter is a DLP projector. We front project onto a 12ft x 9ft screen and everything works well, with very favourable comments from audiences. It is a not for profit project. We pay rights for the films we show!

I am looking to buy another projector and I wondered if the market has moved on at all. I was thinking about the following kind of spec:

Still not really sure about what is best in terms of DLP or LCD - DLP is, I think, a better picture though sometimes not sure about the colours.

The projector is used 99% for video and DVD - not for computer. Quality of projected film is probably the biggest priority.

Brightness - probably over 1000 up to 1500 ansi lumens

It is touring, so not too heavy but having said that we tour heavy speakers so...

We front project all the time and in a wide variety of village venues so a good lens is useful and keystone correction may also be useful.

Any ideas on what to look out for (e.g. contrast I notice ranges from 250 - 400 on a lot of projectors, what difference does this make?).

Thanks for any help!

Ian Kerry
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