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So, I'm on the fence on what LED TV to buy this month. My budget is strictly around $1250 and under for a 40 or 42" LED TV. I'm mounting on a wall with either Samsung or Sanus super slim wall mount so I'm only considering LED models like Samsung and LG which have panel depths of 1.2" or less. As far as my research goes, Samsung and LG are the only makers of 40, 42" models with 1.2" or less panel depths. I'm also on the fence to buy a 2009 model or wait for the 2010 models later this month. I've narrowed my choices to the following:

Samsung UN40B7000 (2009)

Samsung UN40B6000 (2009)

Samsung UN40C5000 (2010)

Samsung UN40C6300 (2010)

How bad is the flashlighting and has it improved with any firmware or later manufactured units? How about input lag, game mode, etc. (big factor)

LG 42SL90 (2009)

LG LE5500 (2010)

LG LE7500 (2010)

LG LX6500 (2010)

Really love the looks of the "borderless" design and one sheet of glass, though I've read a few scant reviews of the SL90 of sub-par black levels, BUT better input lag with LG compared to Samsung.
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