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Newbie here,

So I've got my 717 and the following setup

-HDMI connection to a projector (no smart TV)

-HDMI blueray/xbox/DVR

-some Speakers

-modem with router where I have a direct connection from the 717 to the router.

-separate USB drive containing movies connected to my xbox to watch movies

-I am mostly a MAC household and have a very large digital music library, but on various USB / cloud / harddrives.


My goal is to have a multimedia bucket that I can access from the web and, most importantly, my receiver. Right now, my set up is rather disparate and I am looking to amalgamate, simplify and have some fault protection.


I want to get a 4slot NAS server to act as my A/V storage /backup. I'm starting to lean towards the QNAP 421 NAS, it's got some extra extendable USB ports. I want some room to grow in terms of size grow so I'm only planning to purchase 2 HDD slots for now. My plan is to keep the network connection from the 717 to the router, connect the new NAS to the router, and hopefully share the contents of the NAS to all of my components.


So here are my questions

1) first, does this sound like a reasonable long-term strategy for storing content?

2) how difficult is it to set up the receiver to the NAS? I'm guessing it shouldn't be any problem whatsoever... just plug and it should see the NAS from the router.

3) the nas is iTunes friendly and my hope was to keep an iTunes music library on the NAS. I presume this poses no issues if I want to play music from the nas to my reciever in this format?

4) I would also like to play movies through the onkyo, currently on an attached USB drive. Can i use the network connection to the NAS to view movies?



Thanks for you patience

The Tyrant
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