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I'm currently looking to replace my POS A.C. Ryan HD Player. I purchased a Boxee Box and using my Ryan HD Player as a NAS box till I find a replacement. I've just been sick and tired of there buggy firmware and old bugs that just don't get fix and lock of new features like NetFlix.

So anyway I currently have my boxee box for just 1 46" LCD TV with a Yamaha RX-V765.

My PC is self built with the following hardward.

Asus P7P55D-E Pro

Intel Core i7 860 (Currently Not OC)

4 x 8 Kingston KHX1600C9D3K2

2 x WD Black Caviar 500 Gb SATA II in a RAID 0 (OS)

1 x WD Black Caviar 1Tb SATA III (DATA)

1 LinkSys WRT320N (All Cat 6)

1 TRENDnet TEG-S5g (All Cat 6)

(Thinking about changing my OS drives to a SSD but that really wouldn't have much of a difference on what I'm talking about)

If I went with a NAS box it would have to be a 2bay just cause the prices of anything over a 2bay gets kinda high unless it's just some off brand. I have been looking at the Synology DS212j for a long time wishing maybe it would drop below $199, I would be putting in 3Tb drives.

Now I've also thought about maybe using my PC as storage for my backup's but I do my encoding on this computer as well and not sure if I was encoding if I was able to watch one of my movies or not. I game on this computer as well but that doesn't really matter cause I won't be watching the movie if I'm gaming.

Last but not least a RAID box which seems to be cheaper and you can have more drive bays. It's just about the same as doing this with a PC but it's a just a seperate mass storage device. If I'm not mistaken this would have to be connected to my desktop to be able to access it cause I don't think I would be able to access it thru my Boxee Box if it was connected thru the USB port. I could be wrong.

I do my encoding off my BluRay's to my current A.C. Ryan PlayON HD player cause I want it all there at my finger tips just about like everybody else does now. My Oppo DV-981HD doesn't get much play any more at all.

So please give me your suggestions along with the negatives and positives on why this and not that. Now I know with a Raid box I will be limited to the size of the Raid boxes bay's.
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