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Nascar On Nbc E And W

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NBC east is showing it in 4:3 and so far NBC West is showing it in 16:9 WS however it is out of sync.
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Out of sync issue seems to be fixed on NBC W on D* and it is still in WS so far!
Widescreen and nice picture on cable in eastern Kansas. Thought during initial interviews might have been slightly out of sync but hardly noticeable.
I am watching OTA in Miami and it is WS. A decent picture and no audio issues.
Originally posted by stagisland
It's 4:3 ota WDIV Detroit.
Call the 24 hour news line, ask for engineering, and tell them others are getting the race in widescreen.
I tried that a few weeks ago, but nothing changed, and it's long distance call from Ontario. You would think Nascar would have a good sized audiance in Detroit.

Oh well, the Lions are looking good on Fox.
Well once again the local NBC in Des Moines is failing to provide the race in widesceen. The midweek convo with engineering supervisor apparantly did nothing. Called a few minutes ago, was told there is nobody in engineering but he would pass along the word.
Ok, I called Detroit, the race is in widescreen now.
I called Wash DC WRC and now for the first time ever, they now have the race in Widescreen! :D

opps, F1 live from Brazil on Speed also. Lot of channel flipping today with NFL on also. :D
Yup, froze and now both feeds are in 4:3. I hope they get their crap in order before next year when it is all supposed to be in HD!
Those of you that have gotten widescreen can ya PM me with the call letters and phone #. I'm going to talk to the engineer tomorrow and I will give him the other stations so that he can contact them. Maybe that will solve things for next week.
At several points here the video has frozen for a few seconds and then come back. We too are now in 4x3 though. Does NBC have a clue how to do anything right anymore?? :rolleyes:
Why won't idiots like Phil Swann write articles exposing NBC and their inept ability to produce a WS broadcast. Maybe bad press will encourage them to fix it.
NBC has done it again. Last week, now this week. They just can't get their shi* together when it comes to Nascar. I hope this is not a glimpse of things to come when they go HD for the race's next year.:mad: :mad: :mad:
HOLY HELL! Des Moines has gone widescreen!
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