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NBA Playoffs on ABC in HDTV - Cavs @ Pistons 5/7/06

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Looks and sounds good, WXYZ-DT Detroit via Comcast, 720p with one low bit rate weather radar subchannel.
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game over.

Cavs will be lucky if they win a game, or for that matter, lose by less than 10.
Looks like major crap on D* Channel 86...Dull, lacking detail, blurry,pixelated...Yuck :mad:
Looks very good OTA on WQAD Moline, IL. Two subs.
Looks good on WXYZ here in Detroit on Comcast for me, but still had a few audio dropouts like the first game today.
I can't believe this is ABC.

KGO, SF/Bay area via Comcast.

The picture quality is equal to any of the outstanding NFL broadcasts on CBS from last year. Couple of fast breaks looked like they would end up in my viewing room :D! Very happy camper.

Stick a fork in the Cavs, they are done :p! Yes, I am a witness--a witness of the Pistons amazing b-ball dominance :D. Will probably switch to watching some HD DVDs after a few minutes of the second half. Got a early copies of Tuesday's (9 May) releases ;).

Has ABC ever done any of the half- time video segments in HD?
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