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After 5-7 years of browsing this forum I am finally prepared to start asking some actual questions about the design of my home theater area.

Purchased a home back in September and got the larger parts of the punch list completed, including running some CAT5 to the most used rooms (living room/temporary office). One of the key selling features in my opinion was the large unfinished (but already studded) basement. Which gives me quite a few options, but, does come with a few challenges as well since the room sizes/locations are basically already configured. I am really quite new to the Home Theater arena so please forgive any simple questions

Some Pictures (obligatory forgive the cell phone pics it's pretty low light down in the basement):

My rudimentary sketchup drawing shows the locations of the HT room/wiring closet

Facing the screen wall (obviously the studs which were removed will be replaced)

Facing the back of the room L to R we have Sump Pump, Water Main, Pipe to Septic

Wiring Closet area you can see the treadmill again in the background which should give some scale.

My #1 question would be this:

What are the issues with having my electronics (AV/HTPC/etc) located in a room 8 feet away besides extra cost of wires? I already have the slight beginnings of a wiring closet set up in a room which is destined to be an office; and, would like to keep everything together in there if there is no big downside to locating the components in another room.

-Will remotes (like a harmony) work from another room?

-Approximate distance from wiring closet to the Projector location is ~16 feet

-Max distance of speaker wire length will be 35'

-Definitely going to go DD and GG, most likely whisper clips on the ceiling (perhaps around sump pump and on the screen wall due to the furnace being so close).

-I am still in the researching phase of the hardware but am leaning towards an Optoma HD20 or similar for the projector screen.

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>>What are the issues with having my electronics (AV/HTPC/etc) located in a

>>room 8 feet away besides extra cost of wires?

+ keeps the room quiet

+ keeps the appearance of the room "neater" (unless you prefer the look of exposed gear, some do)

- a little longer walk to change discs

- may need to mitigate heat buildup in the equipment closet (have to do anyway, but if its a small enclosed space, heat can build up faster)

also need to plan for access to the rear of the equipment / rack for wiring changes

>>Will remotes (like a harmony) work from another room?

Yes, but you'll either need an IR repeater (I use one, works well) or perhaps use an RF remote (I don't have personal experience with them)
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