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NEC 50xr5 vs. Panasonic TH-50PHD8UK

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Has anyone seen these side by side and compared the images?

I know the Nec has a 3 year warranty and a bunch of inputs already built in, so the cost equalizes out pretty fast since they seem to be about 400$ apart in street price in general.

Can anyone see any major feature or perfomance differences ?

I am trying to find detailed reviews of the 50xr5 if anyone knows of any. I called about 20 shops in the last 2 days, they are out of both, and as I posted elsewhere the handful of people that have seen I chatted on the phone said the NEC outshined the Panasonic across the board....? :confused:
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I just HAD to bump this... ;)
cpcat owns the 50PX500 and has the 50XR5 on order so he should be able to give us some first hand experience on how they compare.

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