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NEC 9PG Puls or Electrohome 8501.

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Hi there;

I'm at another purchase point - Which of these units would you choose (given the choice)

Which one provides the better picture.

The e-home has about 1000 hrs on the CRT's and needs the low voltage Power Supply replaced (found out I can get that done locally for about $300 CND)

The NEC is in great shape but has about 6500 hrs on the Tubes.

Please help by providing some purchasing info.

Thanks a bunch in advance.
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I can offer you some info the the M8500; H scan 15khz to 130khz, 40 to 150 hz vertical, video bandwidth 100 mhz, 220 ANSI lumens, 1350 x 1100 ANSI pixels, HD-8 lenses, 8" magnetic-focus Panasonic CRTs, zone electronic focus, zone elctronic stig correction, all IR digital controls, 80 setup memories, on-screen Help functions, best screen width under 100", weight 140 lbs., 180 lbs shipping weight in factory carton. One RGBHV port is standard, a second port is optional, a nine-input rack switcher is optional. All around one of the best 8" CRT platforms with excellent picture quality and easy to use function menus.

Tim at E-Tech Phoenix

[email protected]

I currently have PG9100 and PG9200 and I consider getting E8501 as an upgrade. 8" CRT vs 7"

Hello Shanemac,

perhaps you can help me. I´m searching for an High Voltage Power supply for an 8500 now for over 6 weeks and couldn´t find one. The person/adress you got your LVPS, can you give me his adress or ask him if he can sell me a hvps for my 8500 or anyone other here in the forum.

Thanks in advance,

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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