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i am new in this Forum, but I read it since over a year.

I am very happy about the impressive messages from the LT 150 users.

Last Saturday I have test the LT 150 with my HTPC by a good Dealer. The Picture was veeeeeeeeeery good!!

But he says, one of the one inportent thing is, that you can optimize the colours to exactly 6500 Kelvin.

Now a few users in this Forum says, that this is not so importent, because the settings from NEC are nearly perfect?!

What to you thing?

Now I have two choice:

- one dealer sells this Projektor for 8000 Swiss Franks without to optimize the colours with the colour analyser

- the other Dealer sells it for 8500 Swiss Franks with optomize the colours.

Now, when you said, that the settings from NEC are okay, I can save a lot of money!

Please let me now.

Thank you very much for your help!


this is really a great Forum.

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