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NEC LT 240k vs Benq PE7800

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Hi Folks,

I was considering to get a 240k package deal (incl screen, mounting hardware for xxxx$ .. a little more than I intended to spend originally for an Infocus 4805.. but never the less a good deal...

now.. for about the same price I should be able to snatch a PE7800 from this special going on right now.......

both have good reviews.... should I rather got with the BenQ or the NEC?

Thanks, Mike
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I'm also considering these two deals. My main question concerns the brightness of the BenQ7800.

I have a room with well controlled ambient light, nevertheless, my wife

likes to have a light on occasionally.

Can eanyone comment on the relative brightness of the NEC240K and the BenQ7800 ?
Just going by specs..

The 7800 has a 5x colorwheel, more than 4805, more than the 240K. Isnt the 240K 2x ? This means more saturation in the colors. The 7800 sports a 210w bulb where the 4805 is 160w. 800 ANSI lumens..seems bright and good for rooms with some ambient light.
Lt240K will definitely put out more light then the 7800 but the question you should be asking yourself is whether you want a 4:3 image or a 16:9 image. The LT240K has a native 4:3 while 7800 is native 16:9. So your answer to this question may make up your mind.

I will be playing xbox with friends on my screen and figure a 4:3 screen is more flexible than a 16:9 which is more for just HDTV or DVD's. You can just get a larger 4:3 screen to compensate for the inches you lose and still use the extra resolution. This is just a personal preference though and differs from person to person.

Hopefully this can help you decide on which projector is better for you. Good luck!


Edit: You might also want to wait for the review from ProjectorCentral for the 7800 which should be out in the next week or two.
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That higher light output from the 240K is from the RGBW wheel. You have to ask yourself if you want that instead of a RGBRGB wheel built for HT.

I would say you have to weigh in what is more important to you.
To follow up...

I fired up my new pe7800 last night.

In a word...Wow!

Great picture quality, and plenty bright. Seemed at least as bright

as the Mitsu 300u I borrowed from work....
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