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NEC LT150 in North Carolina?

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First, thanks to all of the members who make this forum great! I'm a long time lurker, new to Home Theater and am very interested in the NEC LT150. However I would love to see one in person before committing. Any ideas on where I could see one properly set up in the North Carolina area?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm in the same boat as you Jay. I too would like to see an LT-150

setup and to see if I'm suceptable to rainbows, before purchasing

a projector.

I've been reading/lurking on this forum for a couple years

and used to be a member(must have changed when the new

forum software was updated).

I live in Raleigh, NC. Anyone out there who lives in the

Triangle/Triad area who wouldn't mind showing off their HT


I would also like to start/join a NC HT area club.

Anyone interested?
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Hi Jay & Mr. Prat,

I have an LT150. Be happy to show it to you at some point.

Unfortunately, it's a crazy time for me at the moment (just got back from Honeymoon to two pending product releases).

If y'all (Carolina-speak) can wait until things return to normal, I'd be happy to show you the projector. My honest personal opinion is that it's an absolutely fantastic deal for the money, but (as you might expect) if you spend two or three times the money, the picture can be improved upon.

That's saying a lot for this little guy!
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You have PM.


Hi guys,

I also have a NEC LT-150, which I'd be happy to demo for you. I've probably got a bit more free time than Mark, so if your are interested, let me know.


Thanks guys(Mark and Kem).

Mark, I'm in no hurry to purchase/see one, as I probably

won't be able to get any projector until early 2002.

I totally understand where you're comming from as far

as free time goes.

I guess I'll email you guys sometime down the road.

It's good to know there are other NC HT fanatics

around here.
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