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NEC NP-PX602UL possible for Home Theater

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While following the link on the +$20000 forum I looked at some of their other projectors. If someone had a very large screen would this be an option or are there reasons a "Presentation" projector is not suitable for home theater.
I have never really looked at presentation projectors so maybe there is a simple reason they are not good for HT.
Claimed specs:
-$13499 without lens.
-20000 hour 6000 lumen Laser/Phosphor lite source.
-10,000/1 contrast ration with auto iris.
-Single 0.67 chip.
-Laser brightness adjustable from 20%-100%.
-Color temp adj in 100 degree increments from 5000 to 10500.

More on this link http://www.necdisplay.com/p/multimedia-projectors/np-px602ul-bk
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Size noise and contrast levels are the main reasons. The contrast on this would not be bad, if the iris is decent in it's performance. Often times, though, that is not the case.
Size seems to be reasonable at just a bit bigger than a Sony 600. Noise is a little high at 39db (if accurate), but of course that can be overcome.
However the contrast and black level would be the deal breakers. And probably no way to know that without a demo. Which my assumption is it would be very hard to get a demo.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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