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Help !! Has anyone run into this problem ??

We just installed an NEC NP4100W projector and are using the 12volt trigger output to lower a motorized screen. However, when the projector is turned on it sends out 12 volts for about 3-5 seconds and then turns it off until the lamp comes on and then sends the 12 volts again. This is causing the screen to drop about 20%, then retract, then lower again. The reverse happens when the projector is turned off, causing the screen to retract, then lower about 20%, and then retract again. NEC claims that this is in accordance with their specifications (see email below). I've never seen a projector screen trigger designed to do this ??

Sorry for the delay on what the techs found with your projector. Below are the technician's notes from the repair. Please let us know if you have any questions.

"Unit has been thoroughly tested-works within specifications; NOTE: there is an initial trigger signal (12V) for 3 sec. that goes down (0V), and stays that way untill lamps kick in (then goes to 12V)"

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