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NEC PG 6200 Mounting and setup

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Ok, I have decided to go forward on the path of getting the NEC 6200 or NEC 6PG Extra as it is evidently some times called.

the mounting system that I have used for the last 5 years or more started by holding up my Sony VPH 1041, and then for a time modified to hold my Barco 701s, and soon (Hopefully!) my new NEC.

Are there bolt holes to use, or avoid? what thread size?

has anyone shared any advice dealing with the NEC?

I have been reading through the manuals trying to bone up on convergence and setup issues, it seems simple enough, actually more like the old Sony than my barco. Any advice, warnings, news from the trenches?

This will be my first EM Focus PJ, and I'm not sure how that might effect my setup/use.

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But I can tell you my GE, which is a 6PG in disguise I believe, has two sets of 4 screws holding onto the factory ceiling mount. These holes are front of center, along the sides. I can send a photo l8ter if it helps you!

Thanks! would love to have it
The forward and aft holes are exactly 7 cm apart center to center, the outer and inner holes are 3 cm apart. The two sets of 4 are 45 cm apart measured from the inner holes. The placement of these holes seem to match the center of gravity point pretty good. The holes are for M6 thread screws if I remember correctly.

Get and read Timan & Feathers NEC setup guide carefully, that helped me a lot. Be sure to center everything mechanically first before doing electronic adjustments.


happy 6PG extra owner
Yes, they're M6 threads.

I suggest you mount it 1.30 times the screen width away from the screen. Best compromise between raster usage and reliability/easy convergence.


Another happy 6Pg Xtra owner:)
Where could I get this guide?

I don't think that I have ever run into it before.


a quick search for "NEC setup guide" should bring it up for you. Make sure you download the version that has the included pics. I think it's revision 1.5.

Mark, You suggest 1.3 X my width, that would put the PJ at 80.6", however for that same width, the NEC Manual calculations put the PJ at 93.8", That's a BIG difference!

Unfortunately, I think I may have to alter my mounting position, it seems the Projectors that I have had (VPH 1041, Barco 701, and now NEC PG) keep creeping closer for the same size screen! My sony was more than the 93" away, the barco @ ~83".

Unfortunately, I have searched both the Forums and Google for the setup Guide mentioned, and no luck :(

It does depend on the lenses (I have hd144's), but basically the NEC manual is bollocks. It is the reason so many "professionally" installed crt's have tiny little wear marks, usually off centre on the tubes.

At 1.30, or maybe a little further away, your raster will be 6mm or so from the tube edge, and your image 8-9mm. You may need to tweak the h-width pot *very* slightly, and fiddle with the porches in powerstrip if you are running a HTPC.

You will get BIG gains in brightness and sharpness, I think it is worth it.

Your screen is 62 inches wide? Can you make it bigger? 80-84 inches is easily within this pj's capabilities - they are bright!

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I'll support Marks comments and suggest also that a Distance/Width ratio of 1.3 is ideal for these projectors, but no more. Both Mark and myself are running at exactly 1.3 and very happy with the results.

At this distance it is possible to get very good convergence, brightness and focus.

I'm also running a screeen that is 80" wide with a gain of 1.1. The contrast is set to about 63% for normal viewing. The NEC default is 75% and blooming occurs at 80% on my PJ. So at 63% the tubes are not working very hard and should give a very long life. The more tube face you use, the greater the brightness. It is possible to use too much tube face and this will stress the NEC electronics but mine is happy at 1.3.

Yours is happy at 1.3 but for how long? Doug B just posted about this very issue....you may end up with an unwanted repair on your hands...I am in the process of setting up my PGXtra and I want to maximize phosphur use, but I don't want an unnecessary repair. How long have you been running at 1.3?

Good question, I have only been running at 1.3 for about 20 hours of use now, but no problems encountered. Note that I have also upgraded the Horrizontal Deflection Transistor to a new version with much higher specifications. I have a deflector near the fan on the baseplate that blows air across the baseplate to help cool this area. So I have taken ever precaution possible to keep the PJ reliable at this setting but only time will tell.

Only 50hrs - but my PA pin 2 voltage is bang on 1.80 volts for a NTSC signal.

I have a heatsink on the bottom plate over the STK chips, a thermometer on the H-output transisitor heatsink (55deg max), and I'm going to upgrade the transistor too.

If you are cautious, check your voltages, but I highly recommend that you come forward of the NEC mounting distance. I think Doug suggests 7%. I hope he will speak up and correct this if I'm wrong.

But this is a decision you must make for yourself.
I am in the middle of trying to decide where to mount mine as well - I have a PG-6000 coming on Monday. My current mounting point for my old projector is 1.5 screen widths away (139 inches), NEC factory spec would put it at about 1.58 screen widths (144.6 inches). Coming in 7% from there (if that is really what Doug advocates) would be 134.5 inches - which is only 4.5 inches closer than my old projector's mount. 1.3 screen widths is 119 inches.

I think I'm just going to set the thing up on the floor first using Feather's setup guide at my current mounting distance (least potential disruption if I use that) and see where I am raster-wise. I can adjust the mounting point forward without a lot of trouble if it's really underutilized at that distance.
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