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NEC PG keystone buzz - which cap to replace with?

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I can't find the old thread about replacing the cap on the deflection board. Also as I recall there wasn't a total consensus on which cap was the ideal cap to replace it with. I think mine was the 220v 50uf, but it required something like 150uf.

(GE Imager aka NEC 6PG)

Also, is there a maximum amount of keystone that should ever be used, i.e +60 vertical in ceiling mount? I'm around +45 and the pj is tilted about 5 degrees, but I need to get the image lower, hopefully with a combination of a little more tilt and lowering the pj a few inches physically. I tried shifting the raster but when it isn't centered vertically the whole image "jiggles".
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Its a 10uf cap on the def board next to the PA connector on a PG. On an Xtra it's 47uf.

I'd stick a 330uf cap in if I was you. Just piggy back it on underneath.

I'll tell you the board reference number tonight.

Please don't tilt it that way, it's the worst thing you can do :( - lower the pj.
It's C257.
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