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Nec pg6200 xtra guys? 720p resolvable?

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Found a local nec 6pg and was thinking about going over and having a look. I have a pretty sweet HTPC setup and was hoping to buy a projector that could resolve a 720p desktop for me, for movies, HDTV, and general computer applications. Have many people had much luck with getting the 6pg extra to resolve a true 720p image? Or am I going to want to save up for somthing a little bit better? Its a projector on videogon, btw.

Thanks, i really dont know much about CRT projectors, but would like to give them a shot. Please forgive my ignorance. I did search the forum, but didnt find any clear cut answers.

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Yup, easy. I've got clear scanlines at 1280x720p at 75hz on green and red - visible 1m away. You can *just* start to make them out at 1.5 screen widths.

I reckon you could get 768p resolved, and 816p looked pretty good on Benny's 9PG Xtra, but it's probably too high for the red tube.

Dive in, best bang for but I reckon.

Nec pg series are pretty hard to beat. Ive been runnin mine for 2 years @ 720p 72hz and 1080i. Crystal clear image. Small footprint. Pretty easy to align once you get the hang of crt in general. Just had a party for the playoff game on CBS thats was in high def. Everyone';s jaw was on the floor and i just sat back and giggled.
720P should be achievable under almost any circumstances on an Xtra. With careful attention to initial static astig & focus (and new NEC tubes :D ) numbers around 800P might be achievable in a 16:9 format.

Hey Mark ... thanks for the compliment :)


Yes, another one with 720p on a 6PG extra. It is 1280x720 pixels we are referring to with the term 720p, isn't it ? I can see scan lines, but have to be as close to the screen as 20-30 cm or so. Good quality DVD's look stunning on my setup.

I get 720P clearly resolved on my PG+ after finally going through and 'holy focussing' it. Do an Xtra should do it easily.

The PG series have a small footprint? Yikes! I thought mine was huge - how big are other beasts?
Great, thanks guys, im going to give the projector a look, and I just might even buy it. I'm afraid of what i might be getting into!
If you need any more proof, I've got clear scanlines at 1280 x 720 x 75Hz with my 6PG Xtra. I have new tubes but others 'Mark' have 4000 hour tubes and can still see scanlines after careful Astig adjustment.

Great projector and now that VDC seem to have the rebuilds up to standard it's even better. It's smaller in appearance than a Sony 12xx, the only PJ which is smaller is the Sony 10xx machines and they are only 5.5" tubes.

5000 hrs, not 4000hrs. None on standby. Focus is great.

It does not appear to have been retubed - all the silicon was in place, on both the astig and raster centering rings.

The tubes only have a slight windows taskbar burn, which is off the bottom of my 16:9 screen. When I first fired it up, a full white screen was a little pink, but I adjusted that out to my satisfaction.

I'm buggered if I can figure out what they were doing with it - to get such little wear in 5000 hours. Pretty happy though!!!

It is a baby compared to my old 1251 - it's not actually that much smaller, but the rounded lines make it seem much smaller.

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Got the projector, and have it set up, im typing on it as we speak at 1360x768, it looks great! Well, as great as i could expect it to look with my poor first time setup.
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