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NEC PG's and XG's: 7" or 8" ?

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Hi All,

Something has been bugging me, and I was hoping that someone could clear something up for me.

We often refer to the PG's as a 7" projector and the XG's as an 8" projector. Now, I beleive that the PG Extra uses the same green tube as the XG's, but of that was true, it would mean that the PG's and XG's use the same size tube face.

So, is the distinction between 7" and 8" on the PG and XG simply a marketing ploy by NEC, or are they really different tubes sizes?


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The PG10 is 9", the XG's are 8". Not sure what the other PGs are.
All PG tubes and XG tubes EXCEPT the 10PG of course, are EXACTLY the same size. The ONLY difference is the LENGTH of the necks on XG tubes. AND they are only a few mm smaller than the Marquee and Barco "8 inch" tubes.

They are all 8" tubes, but I think the distinction should be in brightness and resolution, sheer size counts for very little. The "8" is a nominal size too, not literal. The diagonal measurement of PG/XG tubes is 6". The diagonal size of the Marquee tubes is 6 and1/8". I don't think 1/8" is enough to consider them a full size larger.
Why describe the size with the outer dimension?

The tubes of my GP-3000 have a visible area of 12.5 by 10 cm, that is 5" by 4" and that is 6.4" or 6 and 3/8" diagonal, reduced by the rounding of the corners.

May anybody measure the visible area of his tubes and post it here?

Best Regards


I thought the PG(9000,6000) were the same, that is 7". However the 9200, PG-Extras green tubes were the same as the XG, that is 8".


Nope. ALL PG's and XG's have the exact same size tubeface, their mounting baskets are interchangeable even. Really, the ONLY difference is the length of the necks, and that is only about 1.25" difference. Really, no kidding. The last time I ordered and received blue tubes, I ordered 6PG tubes(PG6000) and received , directly from NEC, PG Extra tubes(PG6200). There is no difference in tubeface size. In the PG Extra, the green tube has the longer neck. In XG's, all the tubes have the longer neck.
Does anyone know what the longer nech is for? More output?

How is the visible size width by height?

Do you know the HV-Value? How many kilovolts?

One other thing to consider is how much of that phosper surface can be used. If the tube is more 16X9 that can be a plus. Also can the electronics of that PJ use all the phosper. In other words can you get a good sharp image to the very limits of recommended phosper area. I know that can be done with excellent results on the XG.

Yes, that is why I prefer width and height measures to compare.

For safety you will have to stay at least 7mm off the edges.

Focussing quality depends more on the PJ type (corner focus, dynamic astig. ...) and so does not count for comparing tubes.

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