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nec pgxtra what contrast and brightness

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Ok guys,

How do you run your pg xtra's? I mean what contrast and brightness settings. Beceause they are factory set at a brightness of 60 and a contrast of 75. And I am scared to use this settings beceause i am afraid this settings of 75 is to high. That is why is run now at a brightnes of 69 and an contrast of 60. Does this sound ok? Or is it save to use a contrast of 75 without having to be afraid of wear and burn?


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I always ran 75 or 80, and I have a hot signal from my switcher. I didn't wear the tubes in 500hrs.

How many hours do you put on it in a year? Took me 3 years to do 500hrs.
In a light controlled room 60 and 60-67 average with a 'average screen' size and gain. For me anyways. Doug
you are both talking about contrast?
Brightness 60 Contrast 60-67. Depending on many 'things' look in the tube face and see where the back raster just starts to light up when raising brightness. This will be the workable range you start with to know 'black'. Some will run this elevated depending on source and how its set up for more detail in the low end or if you have gamma control.

Contrast needs to be before blooming. See Avia test DVD for a general idea but it has alot to do with the 'room' without getting into a technical debate or what your comfort zone is.

Beyond this you need to start reading and doing research. Its hard to know what the signal chain is doing before the projector or what the exact transcoder is in place if your using that. Just to many variables. Doug
Of course we are talking about contrast.

Brightness you set using a test disc - it sets your black level to black (and it's a compromise).

Contrast is what wears tubes.

Like Doug said - too many variables. For instance the contrast control is a small menu driven adjustment on top of a coarser mechanical adjustment (leave that alone). It's very probably my sub-cont pot was set low, as with 75% contrast I wasn't hammering my Xtra - hence no wear after 500hrs.

The answer is it depends. Set it where you like it and run it like that. If you like a punchy picture, then search for a spare projector with good tubes.
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On yours the software set up was for non LC so no bladder to push through but just a guess. That is if we are talking about the XG. Doug
Nah, I'm talking about the Xtra. Gave me about 6 fL at 75%.

FWIW the XG gives 10 fL at 75%. I usually run ~65%.
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