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NEC Question

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I have a very small HT under construction. 9' 9" x 13' 6". Consequently, seating is going against the rear wall.

Do I need to put an outlet in the rear wall? Does Code require at least one outlet on each wall? I will be having an outlet on each of the side walls positioned such that at any location along the rear wall, it is always less than 6' in a straight line to an outlet on one of the side walls.

Thank you for any comments.

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still hoping for an informed response... :)
I think it is dependant on your local building codes. When I build my HT I was told "code" was 1 electric outlet every 8 feet. I would either call your local building inspector or take a look around your house and see how the outlets are spaced.

I think you're going to need an outlet on each wall. While you have the gist of the 6' rule, I think NEC Section 210-52(a) takes precedence.

This section basically states that any wall space 2' wide or greater requires a receptacle outlet, and these outlets must be installed so that no point on any wall is over 6' from an outlet in the unbroken wall space of the room.

While it is permissable to measure around corners when determining the 6' distance, I believe it is a linear wall measurement and not a "straight line" measurement. Regardless, 210-52(a) is going to require an outlet on each of your walls.

This is NEC spec and most likely the minimum that your local inspector will allow to pass, but it may be worth a phone call before you do the work. Maybe he/she will let you slide.

Hopefully one of our resident electrical experts will jump in to either confirm this or tell me I'm all wet...;)

Personally? I'd like to have the extra outlets anyway...
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It is correct that the code specifies that any point on any wall 2' or greater must be within 6' of a receptacle, measured along the wall, not across the floor. The intention is to eliminate the need for extension cords.

In other words, starting at any opening, the first receptacle must be within 6', and then one every 12' or less. Naturally, a bit of juggling to make for more even spacing is usually necessary.

A receptacle on every wall is not required; in David's case (assuming the 9'9" wall is the 'rear' wall), a receptacle on each side wall, within 1' 1-1/2" (i.e., 13.5") of each corner, is sufficient. (1' 1-1/2" is half of the difference between 12' and 9'9")

Thanks for the clarification. I was under the impression that Section 210-52(a) required an outlet on every wall over 2' long. Didn't realize that an outlet on an adjacent wall within the 6' distance would satisfy the code. Good to know.
I appreciate all of your help, especially Larry.

I will just install the side outlets one more stud space rearward of my initial location, and... Voila! I'm within 13.5" of the rear wall.

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