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nec vt 540 & DVDO iscan v2

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I am having a problem intergrating a dvdo iscan v2 with my nec vt540

I am runing a vga cable from the iscan to the projector. The output on the iscan is set to RGB to match the input on the nec vt540 the picture is great EXCEPT , at the bottom of the screen is a grey space where there appears to be no signal, I never had this problem before using the internal doubler/scaler when fed by either progressive or non-progressive dvd player using either the svideo or vga port on the projector.

I have played with the phase and clock setting on the vt540 to no avail- what is causing this problem - is it overscan?
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I dont have an answer but I do have a question. I also have a vt540. So far the Panny rp56 has given me the best picture. I want to try a scaler. I want to try the Quadscan or the DVDO iscan v2. What do you suggest?
I too have a VT540. I also own an RP-56 which has collected dust since the day I connected my PC to my 540! Trust me, as I was also skeptical. The HPTC makes a HUGE difference in PQ at a very reasonable price. Just my $.02.

Hmmm...I can't remember because it has been so long since I used my dvdo but I believe you need to use a component cable which is made by NEC to use the dvdo with the iscan. Or maybe that was to allow you to use the anamorphic squeeze. I can't remember. Anyway, you might want to look into building one of those component cables. If memory serves you need to just pull some pins from a regular vga cable.

As for Jeff's comment I couldn't agree more. I use an NEC VT540 also and dvdo looks good but htpc looks downright incredible in comparison. Do yourself a favor and use the htpc. I doubt you will turn on your dvdo again :)
I do have the hybrid component-rgb from NEC for my rp-56.

I am willing to try the HTPC option. Have never explored it. Can someone please give me a layman-ish summary of what I need. Do not have dvd-rom on my PC. Plan to just buy a tower. Is the 5.1 DD as good?

IMHO the best DD5.1/DTS remains the inexpensive digital sound card outputting the digital SPDIF signal to an external receiver - you probably have such a setup now. The HTPC sound is indestinguishable from a standalone DVD player. The real advantage of the HTPC being, it line doubles the DVD frames and scales to the native projector resolution, all in the digital domain. For film-source DVDs, there simply is no higher quality video output signal at any price. The RP56 player might possibly outperform the HTPC for video-source material, but it's close.

Your best bet is the "Home Theater Computers" forum here at AVS. I know the amount of information and the advanced nature of the discussions can be confusing. Start with the HTPC FAQ's:


This will introduce you to the HTPC topic and give detailed configuration information. If you have specific questions, ask.

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