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According to my experiments the Nec440K doesn't accept progressive PAL when the output is the component signal (tried with a Skyworth). However, if the progressive output comes from the VGA output in RGB, Nec shows it ok (NTSC and PAL).

Well, to my grief I see visible "transparent" vertical lines in the picture though with the progressive signal, but it is the same thing with interlaced component signal as well. The lines are visible with S-video too, but not that noticeable. In S-video it seems the lines are more visible with certain colours than with others.

I have just ordered a Skyworth for me as well and I am asking tips on how to reduce the visibility of these vertical lines, if You have any knowledge on the issue, please reply.

Additional thing, I read that with L150 one can fool the projector and make it squueze the picture, even though it would be an RGB-signal. Are there any such well known

modifications available for Nec 440 as well?

Thank You for any info,

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