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Anyone made the remote control cable for the NEC projector/switcher combo? I'm about to link mine up finally since I'm about to install a xantech ir system.

The NEC manuals seem to be confilcting themselves and on Curt's site it has the TX and RX lines switched on each side also???

The XG manuals show the following pinouts straight though one to one connection

1,2,6,7 - Data Lines

9 - Identifying Projector

15 - Ground

Others - Open

The switcher manuals show the following (Seems to agree but they add CTS and RST lines and they are polarized instead of referenced to ground like RS232 would be)

1- RX +

6- RX -

2- TX+

7- TX-



3- RTS+


9-Used inside switcher


Anyone have a definitive answer? It'd be great if the first case (xg manual) would be sufficient since a simple CAT5 run would get it done. Any help is greatly appreciated since it will determine what kind of cable I pull.

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Just a quick update for general info on the forum.

Pins 1,6 2,7 9, 15 will get it done. Wire it up straight through one to one on each connector.

1,6 are RX pair at projector

2,7 are TX pair at projector

9 something the projector needs for this application(?)

15 ground

A simple CAT5 run terminated with HD15's on each end gets this done with no problem.

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Although a cheap VGA monitor extension cable makes it easy as one side is already done, the really cheap ones are best as they don't use mini coax, so you just cut one end off and solder a connector on the other end.

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I followed the NEC 6010 ISS manual and did this:

DB9 pin serial -------> BH15 connector

2 ------------------- 7

3 ------------------- 6

5 ------------------- 15

7 ------------------- 12

8 ------------------- 8

but it did not work!

With your pinouts what pins on the HB15 go the the DB9 pins?

Thaks for you help I have been trying to get this to work for weeks.

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The above pinout is for the PC control cable that plugs into the option port of the projector. If you using on the ISS switcher using the remote 2 port it is a bit different.

See attached. Note the 9 pin is a female.

You might try the cable you have made up at the projector's option port and see if that works. Doug

The PC Control cable is not the control cable used between the projector and ISS if your using switch level 1 configuration where the two units are working as a system. In that configuration the signal entry list will say slot 1, slot 2 etc.
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