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NEC Multisync projector. This is the older type that has 3 CRTs inside, not an LCD model. It is very heavy. It works great, see the pic of Wedding Crashers from this morning. Comes with 3 original manuals, large programming remote, smaller remote. Came from a conference room, so it was a smoke free, clean environment. Model XG135LC, liquid cooled tubes. This projector has a refresh rate of up to 135kHZ, and can do 1080 for HD video. You can by the component input board on Ebay to get HD. Perfect for you home theatre, especially if you dont care for the modern LCD projectors.

When you move the projector to a new location, things have to be aligned and focused. This takes about 2 hours in total, but it looks a lot better when adjusted. You can follow the manual, but a better place to look for adjusting is the following website:


The unit was made in 1997, at the time it cost arount $20,000. The hours on the tubes are 4391, which is very low. There are no burns on the CRTs, they are in great shape.

Please PM for more info! I am located in central NC. I drive a lot for work, so there is a possibility that we could meet somewhere. This thing is HEAVY, so not really an option to ship. Make me a reasonable offer, I need the space!
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