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Hi All,

My big screen saga continues.

I was wondering if anybody here has an NEC Xg series Crt projector run with an HTPC? I have the Xg 75, bought from Curt "The Main Man" Palme.

If you do, what is the sweet spot for the projector if I have a 4x3 screen aspect ratio. What resolution should I run at to give me the best picture with both anamorphic dvd's, letter boxed and 1.33 standard dvd's.

I do have a Quadscan scaler paired with a Sony 7000 dvd player.

I intend to use the VGA passthrough with my future HTPC.

I wanted to see if HTPC will give me a better picture. Before I have to shell out the big bucks for a Faroudja NR scaler.

Thank in advance, Brian

PS if you do have an NEC Crt setup with your HTPC would you mind sharing with me what components you have to build your HTPC and what programs I need.
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