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Just got my New Panasonic P65ST50 Plasma TV and in the market to get a new receiver so I can hook up with HDMI for the 3d Pass through. I have the Bose 5.1 Acoustimass 10 Series 1 with the NON Powered Sub Woofer.

Not loyal to any specific Brand, Currently have old 600 Series Denon but only has Component Video Inputs so time for an upgrade. Would like something that will work well with my Bose Speakers and get some decent bass from the woofer. Budget is around $300 - $400. Mainly use the receiver for Watching Movies And some music.

Any help would be appreciated, Haven't had much time with kids to research and been 8 years since I looked for a new receiver so not sure whats out there.

Thanks in Advance

Chad L.
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