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I have a center channel (B&W HT 1) on a adjustable stand, its a tilt with a glass base (Lovan Millennium).

It holds up to a 150 lbs. and is 22" wide.

I want to place it on top of a platform type of box that is strong enough to hold the center speaker and stand which are quite heavy.

The reason is that I am trying to raise the speaker and stand to just below the screen and try and see if the sound improves.

I notice when I do a sound check that the sound from the center sounds sounds totally different from the L & R speakers which are the same as the center channel only vertically.

I am hoping that if I raise it to a level near the height of the L & R the sound will be more evenly.

Obviously I do not want to spend a large amount of money on a new type of center channel stand and have possibly the same result.

While there are many things I can think of (concrete block, build a thick wooden box) I am asking the question to avoid using a type of material that may alter the sound.

The center channel is heavy and the stand I purchased was one that was recommended for my speaker as most of the ones I saw were either too narrow or would not support the weight.

I thought of a flat tv stand but they all seem to have doors and I think it would not look right.

Any suggestions would be great and avoid a lot of experiments.


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