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I have been a lurker for quite some time and would like to thank everyone who posted useful data on Panasonic plasma models. Since I have limited purchasing options in my country (Serbia) I bought Panasonic 46PZ85U thanks to expert input of AVS forum posters/members (or rather Czech variant TH-46PY85P ) after my Sony CRT KV-29FS60D (interlaced 29" SDTV CRT)tuners were fatally wounded {I miss smiley emoticons here

I am VERY (VERY, VERY ) happy about my purchase (especially since I got it on 20% store discount) but I have a few question (2 main problems).

I have already read that EURO models have different type of menu but I am of yet unable to find just how to access advanced menu (need this one for advanced picture settings) and how I can get numerical sliders on values - for say Contrast (picture Setting in Picture menu for US models). Numbers on sliders are a minor annoyance but I would really like to be able to access Advanced Options menu. Also accessing service menu while holding volume down and pressing INFO 3 times DOES NOT work on my model if anyone has any idea how to access Service Menu on this model it I would appreciate it .

Also I am still receiving regular television channels over AIR antenna (oh what a joy to watch low quality/low resolution garbage on 46" TV {CENSORED} so I am trying to switch cable operators and get digital one)

Problem is tuner seems to just lose 90% of channels from time to time (TV has been 5 days in use now). I can't replicate this problem but it does happen and only switching TV off completely helps in getting back "lost" channels. (This did not happen on any TV that I previously had connected on same cable). Should I worry? (Store chain sold out all remaining TH-46PY85P and since TV has 0 Dead pixels or other flows I can notice I would rather not change it if I don't have to).

Well those were my only 2 problems I have at the moment though I have a few more questions and one small advice for people even more inexperienced then me

This model has only one tuner right? (NO PIP right) Not that I care just friends just asked me about it

Anyone knows a quick link for an easy solution to how record TV content on PC since I already have my new PANNY connected via DVI/HDMI?

Is there a way to alter LED ON/OFF button on TV it shines insanely for such a small spot light? I could just cover it

And last again infamous Break_In period I should be fine as long as I have set my TV picture settings to those already posted in break in that giant PZ85U forum thread (contrast and brightness low and rest of stuff) and I don't watch content with bars or static logos/icons/content right? (I didn't run that break in DVD though I did follow all other precautions from the start

And on end for few of those people that are even bigger newbies then me a small advice :

I can confirm (like so many others before me) that it is 100% definitively good to have a good up-conversion/de-interlacing device when watching regular DVDs , my picture is SOOOO much better when I watch it over DVI/HDMI using POWERDVD then over my old Panny SA-HT870 Home theater with SCART/S-VIDEO (death to both . THANK YOU in advance.
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