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Hi all,

Long story short I bought a Sony XSP-N1BT "Smartphone cradle receiver" deck for my 07 Toyota Yaris from a person from a buy/sell site. I looked in the box before walking away and it appeared everything was there. Remote was there, all the paperwork, deck itself still sealed in bag.

I get home start ripping apart my car to install it at which point I notice there was NO connector harness in the box. The one that is supposed to come with the deck which gets soldered/connectorized to your OEM converter harness.

I'm a little bit at a loss for what I can do about this. The installation instructions are vague about exactly which wires are on which pins. It says the colours of the wires and what they are for, but it doesn't have the actual pinout diagram of the actual pins on the deck. If it had the exact pinout diagram, I would just attempt to solder the wiring harness I bought DIRECTLY to the deck itself, but I can't know which wires are for which pins. I haven't been able to find a connector diagram for this deck on the internet anywhere either. I'm assuming not all recent sony decks use the same connector/wire configuration so I'm not really about to go use any 'ol Sony diagram I find.

Any thoughts about what I can do here? Would I be able to get a connector directly from Sony? I was not able to find any information about this on their website.
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