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Need a cheap contrast-enhancing screen WITHOUT extra gain

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Hey - I've got an Infocus SP5000, which is a VERY bright projector - almost too bright. Well, my Matte White screen is fine and dandy, but I'd like to try a grey contrast-enhancing screen, as the projector needs a little more contrast. But everytime I find one, it's got like 1.8 gain; I definitely don't want my picture any brighter, and I'd rather not limit the viewing angle. Oh, and I'd prefer to spend less than $300 on it.

So what are my options? I'm sorry if this topic is common, it's rather hard to find a good set of Search parameters for this situation.
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Check out this one:

It's made by Draper, comes in other sizes (92" etc.) and can be had for a good price. This site has really cheap shipping and there is a good discount coupon floating around (cough - Google - cough)
How are you mounting your projector? If you are ceiling mounting it, some of these high gain screens that are retroreflective would have a much lower gain from your viewing angle...
My projector is "table-mounted". Unfortunately, that Draper screen has a 1.1 gain, and its viewing angle sucks (45 degrees). So many screens are designed to make the picture brighter (which I DEFINITELY don't want with my already super-bright SP5000), it's damn hard to find one that doesn't yet makes blacks blacker.
Dreamwriter I don't think 1.0 or 1.1 will give you a brighter screen, at leat not anything you'd notice. It sounds to me like to want a screen that will DIM your PJ, right? If your PJ was ceiling mounted I'd reccomend the Graywolf with it's 1.8 gain. I know that sounds counter productive but you'd be sitting outside the viewing cone and the screen brightness would drop to below 1.0, thus dimming your bright PJ. Lot's of folks here buy that screen strictly for that purpose. Seeing as your PJ is table mounted that won't be an option.

As for the 45 degree viewing angle of the draper, I think that's a typo from Infocus's site - here's the blurb on this screen from Draper:

"High Contrast Grey: Grey textile-backed surface offers excellent resolution while enhancing the blacks of LCD and DLP projected images, even as whites and lighter colors are maintained. Performs well in ambient light. Lower gain of 0.8 allows use with even the brightest projectors. Available on most non-tensioned motorized and manual screens, in sizes through 8' high, without seams. Viewing cone of 180°."

Plus, if you go to InFocus site you'll see that this screen is specifically listed as the screen of choice for your SP5000.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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