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Need a good PVR solution for my XP machine

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ok. I got an XP machine. already have a TV tuner installed. but, it is an AIMSlab Highway Xtreme. which is intended for 98 but useable in XP under certain conditions. so far ive only been able to get it working with DScaler. I have tried snapstream, but have had a couple issues with it. while in the setup proccess, when setting it up to work with the tv tuner, I can see the TV channel and everything, but I cant hear a thing. now, when I went to watch live tv, the whole computer just restarted on me, which from my knowledge is a BSOD (sp?) error. any clues? and when I went to the config to see what tv tuner was selected t showed the WDM capture driver and not the actual card.

P.S. the TV tuner sound is linked between the lineout on the tv tuner card and line in on the sound card.
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anyone have any clues at all? im sorry if this has been asked before, but im in kind of a bind right now to get this going.
Trying to get a card for which new driver support ended with W98 may be more trouble than it is worth, especially as low cost capture cards with WDM drivers are fairly abundant.

I use the LeadTek Winfast 2000XP. It is decent for a $50 card and the supplied software (from their website, NOT the package CD) works fairly well. This card was however removed from the Snapstreams supported list, apparently for audio quality problems to which I can attest. So your card is not alone in having issues with PVS 3.x and the 2000XP does have relatively recent WDM drivers for WinXP. If you are intent on using this application you should probably look elswhere than the card you have if it is not on Snapstreams list of supported cards. In fact for PVS 3.x I would recommend a card with HW encoding support as the live quality of PVS 3 can leave a lot to be desired with all SW encode/decode. The Hauppauge Win PVR 250 and 350 have HW encoders, but are also substantially more costly. Many use these with SageTV and others on this forum can tell you much more than I concerning this combo.

You can turn off the reboot in windows in order to see the BSOD error message and hex codes. It could help track down the nature of the problem if you want to to try debugging your present setup.
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well, I am not worried about video quality if that helps any here. cuz my main use for this is to have a specific channel run as an internet stream, so when im away from home, I can stll watch my favorite shows. so quality is not of any concern to me. I will try and get this running again and see what kind of settings I can change around to get it working.

would it also be any good to search driverguide.com for any XP drivers for my card?
Well if the AIMSlab card uses a widely utilized chipset e.g. a Brooktree 84x you might just be able to use a driver for a different card. I've no idea if this can really work here, as I know nothing of this card but similar things have worked before, with a little fudging. If you can get a working WDM driver your chances of success with WinXP apps go up dramatically.
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