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Hi AVS folks,

I wanted to ask for your help in choosing some better sound for a bedroom TV. We've got a small, but perfectly functional, HDTV in the bedroom: LG 26LE5300. It's 720P, but we don't need anything fancy there and it does the trick. Unfortunately, it has terrible sound. To the point where even when watching a TV shown like Game of Thrones, the theme song sounds bad enough that it bugs me, and I'm not really an audiophile. So I've been looking to add a good set of speakers to it. I'd like to spend maybe $100-$250 for this purpose. To keep things compact, and since I don't want to deal with setting up surround speakers, my thinking is that I'm looking for a soundbar. The requirements:

- It needs to be pretty "short." The TV is 26" in length along the bottom, and given where it's located right now, we can't fit a soundbar over 30" in length. Something 26" or shorter would be preferred.

- If possible, I want something that can be left on, or can turn on and off automatically. Especially since the lady uses this TV a lot, I'd like to have her need to fool around with yet another remote as little as possible.

- Digital inputs (optical)

- Good sound-quality-per-dollar.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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