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Need a HTIB For Under $600

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My parent's bought a 60 inch pioneer elite plasma and now they want a surround sound to go with it. Now, they don't want to buy the expensive stuff since they're going to remodel their house soon, and just want something for now.
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Wow. Nice TV. The Onkyo S790 system has a good following. It can be had at Shoponkyo.com for $300 and change for a refurb. More for new. Check the S790 thread for opinions. I feel it has very good audio but beware the speakers are big and I think rather homely.

Originally Posted by Tret /forum/post/0

Now, they don't want to buy the expensive stuff


Originally Posted by Tret /forum/post/0

My parent's bought a 60 inch pioneer elite plasma


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I know they're wierd like that. LOL

like I said before they just want to have something cheap for now until they set up a entertainment room and that's when they want to buy the nice speakers

I'm going to order the Onkyo HT 790-s Refurbished. Now, is there anything else that I need to buy for it? Since it doesn't have some stuff.
Buy a nice receiver.

Durabrand Lennox sound Home theatre system if the room is small or even decently sized

because that "little sub" might look wimpy but don't let it fool you. I learned the hard way.

especially the scene in chain reaction when the big explosion went off.

I dont even wanna mention the rock (I like bass)

I saw a nice sonyt system on amazon.com

Just be careful if you see a KOSS system (they catch fire) or so I heard
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Originally Posted by MandM /forum/post/0

Yeah, those Durabrand/Lennox systems rock!

I agree best small sub ever!
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