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I am looking for recommendations for a Linux UPnP media server. Here's what I have so far:
  • 2.6MHz Celeron running ClarkConnect 4.3 (Red Hat/CentOS distro)
  • Helios X5000 streamer, XBOX 360, various PCs, more to follow.
  • Music files to be stored in FLAC
  • Photo gallery desired
  • Video streaming desired in the future, but no specs determined
  • CDs to be ripped and tagged with dbPoweramp

As I understand it, dbPoweramp creates the directory structure, inserts album art, and tags all of the songs. So it appears that the media server has little to do but establish a network connection to the streaming devices and present the media titles and tagging info via the directory structure. Any media server should do that, so the choice of server shouldn't matter too much.

Am I missing something about what a media server does?

Which server do you recommend?
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