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I have MCE XP recording TV shows from satellite. The files are dvrms format.

I am trying to stream them using Orb which is running on the MCE XP machine.

I was able to view a couple of shows on my macbook and via Orb Free on my iphone. However, more recently I cant view anything. The iphone gives a mesage saying this format is not supported for both wmv and dvrms. My orb in the macbook browser just keeps spinning and doesnt display anything.

1) the dvrms files are quite big. Is there another format to which these can be converted prior to streaming? I tried wmv but that didnt work. I have MCE buddy running so can convert to pretty much anything.

2) Do I need to install some codecs because according to old threads here ORB should be able to stream any format.

3) Is there some other software that is as easy to use which can stream easily?

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