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Hi everyone,

I had this system Denon UD M30 http://www.audioreview.com/cat/other/mini-systems/denon/d-m30-micro-system/prd_128191_2749crx.aspx.It sits in a special not very tall shelf space. The volume control died a long ago, and recently the CD brokecompletely after many years of faithful service.

I want to replace it with something similar, receiver andCD. It can’t be taller than 5.5”/~14 cm. I’d also like it to be narrow.

The newer Denons are http://usa.denon.com/us/product/compactsystems/allinonesystems/microcomponentsystem are too tall

I found http://store.sony.com/micro-music-s...eaker-Docks-and-Shelf-Systems?_t=pfm=category but I don’t want to buy anything new. This is for 8 yearold, he doesn’t need anything fancy.

Anything else out there that people can recommend?

Thank you,
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